1.System Integration:
Over a Decade experience in handling System integration projects.
With expertise on:
Servers (Intel & Risc Based), Desktops, Printers etc.

Operating Systems:
Windows, Linux, Sco Unix

2.Networking LAN / WAN

Networking products

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Modems

Networking Solutions:

  • Structured Cabling,
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Wireless Indoor & Outdoor.
3. GIS Activities:
We offer comprehensive quality services in CAD/CAM & GIS solutions, GIS conversion (Digitization), Mapping and Software development. User needs assessment.
  • Data collection and verification.
  • Scanning, Digitization and raster to vector conversion.
  • Database design, Development and Maintenance.
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
  • Facility Management (FM).
  • Remote Sensing (RS).
  • Digital image Analysis/processing.
  • Thematic mapping using RS data.
  • Value added services on IRS 1C,IRS 1D, IKONOS, SPOT,QUICK BIRD, RADARSAT data.
  • Quality assurance tests.
  • Alignment surveys and mapping using GPS, Total Station and Remote Sensing.
We also offer various survey works as per requirement.
  • Linear Survey (for Road and Utilities)
  • Plain Table Survey
  • Total Station Survey
In-house Scanning Services {Upto A0 Color 600 Dpi Scanning.}
Quality skills in Map / Drawing conversion (Digitization).
For maps of any type (Survey, Cadastral, Toposheet etc) and any scale.
Custom GIS application solutions:
For Enterprise-Wide and Web/Internet Applications, as well as single user and workgroup applications.

With expertise in database and spatial data management, geology, geography engineering, public administration, transportation, water supply, Sewerage, Electrical Distribution Network and Planning.

Software Expertise available on:
  • CAD: AutoCAD, CAD Overlay Micro station, IRAS/B etc.
  • GIS: Map Info, Map Basic, Map X, Map Extreme.
  • Application dev.:  Visual Basic, ASP and Java Etc.

  • Database: Oracle, Access, VB etc.

With a team of software professionals with fast grasping and capable of mastering new software expertise, we can adapt and provide support and solutions for other software solutions apart from above mentioned in short span of time.
4. Software Implementation:
We provide implementation services for various RDBMS and DBS third Party Software. With in-house expertise on Oracle, D2K, Java, MS SQL Server
  • System Requirement Study
  • Data Mapping
  • Migration Script creation
  • Data Migration (From Old Packages)
  • Data Entry / Supervision
  • Training / DBA Training
  • Barcode generation / printing / scanning
  • Database Administration
  • Facility Management.
Cover everything from User level training to Administrator level Training.